Buying Information

Jonnie will personalize a message to you and sign any pic on this website. We can then do one of two things: 1) we can send you an e-mail scan of that or 2) send you the original picture by US Mail as well as internationally.

All e-mailed versions of these pics will cost $20. Once we get your order we’ll have Jonnie write up the message, scan that, and then e-mail you the picture(s) with your message.

All originals will cost $40 plus envelope and postage. Shipping internationally will be more expensive and take more time.

If there isn’t room to write on the item, we will write your message and autograph on a separate piece of paper. That will be scanned, printed and then sent to you via e-mail or the US Mail. If you prefer, she will write on the back of any hard copies that are sent by the US Mail if there isn’t room to write on the front.

So, be sure to tell us what you want her to say.

Click the button underneath each picture to get an e-mailed version.

Click the button below to order originals. (You will also need to write to us to tell us what you want her to say.)

Buy Now Button($40 each plus envelope and postage)

WE WILL NEED YOUR E-MAIL ADDRESS IN ALL CASES. We don’t need your actual address unless you want an original sent to you by US Mail.

We will write to you if we have any questions.

Thank you for your interest and please write to us with any questions or comments. Here is a link to the contact page.


John, her “agent” aka Ratso, and Jonnie

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