img007img009(The back of img007 showing Jonnie’s modelling statistics.)

The two pictures of her in a bikini, really some scarves tied together…, was shot by Jerry Tibbets, the amateur photographer who discovered Bettie Page. We have four pics that are SIGNED by him, and more that were probably taken by him but are not signed, but no extra copies. They all can sold to you if the price is right. Contact us.

The back of the pic has her modelling stats. Several more pics also have that information. (Others have the photographer’s stamp.)

The easel that she is standing in front of in the other two shots is something that she still has. You can buy it for the right price!

Buy Now ButtonPersonalized autographed copy of this picture (front only)  sent to you via e-mail: $20 (Click button above) If you want the back too, let us know. No extra charge for that.

Original photographic print or clip from magazine with personalized autograph sent to you by US Mail: $40 plus postage and envelope. Write to us and give us your shipping address and the picture numbers. Pay using the PayPal button on the Buying Information page.

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